Hello everyone! My name is Christine, but I go by Tina and there is actually a story behind that. I will tell that story one day, but until then! Welcome to FLH Solutions! I am so happy you stopped in.

I started my company a few months ago, but I have been building it since early 2018. FLH stands for Food Love Heal. What is Food Love Heal? Well, here is a brief story about why I started Food Love Heal and where I want it to go.

Growing up, I suffered many forms of childhood adversities from losing my mother at age 5 to several forms of abuse and neglect to living in and out of foster homes to developing a bad drinking habit. All of these experiences took a life-long toll on my physical and mental health and well-being.

They have affected me as a mother, a wife, and a woman as a whole. The results of my childhood adversities affected me long into my adult years. I developed PTSD and became suicidal. I was diagnosed with chronic depression when I was in my 20s and placed on several different antidepressants, which never really helped me. In 2015, when I was 43, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis and it took over my life completely. After my doctor told me I had to take medication for the rest of my life, I refused to accept that, and that is when I decided I was going to put my health into MY hands. It took a year or so and tons of research, and lots of trial and error with my diet and lifestyle choices, but I successfully put my UC in remission and have been healed for more than 3 1/2 years and counting! I became so inspired through healing myself without the use of medical interventions that I decided to go back to school and become a certified holistic health coach, in addition, I became a certified holistic nutrition consultant and I am now a Board-certified holistic health practitioner. But I still have lots of other healing to do. I use my personal experiences, newfound knowledge, and expertise to help women who struggle with healing as a result of trauma and that also helps me continue MY healing journey.

Whether the trauma was chronic like mine or acute trauma, both types can have life-long lasting health and wellness affects. I will tell my story as I continue along my journey of healing, and when I complete my book. But until then, I am here for YOU. FLH Solutions has been created for YOU and YOUR healing journey. We are all different and we all have unique ways of healing. But the foundation of healing starts with self-care. When I say self-care, I don’t mean makeup and getting your hair perfect. I don’t mean always looking perfect. Perfect is not attainable. But what is attainable and sustainable is a toxic-free life. By toxic, I mean all toxicity that weighs us down and leaves us feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and just in a constant state of unwellness. Toxic can be emotional, physical, and chemical-based.

Food Love Heal and FLH Solutions’ mission is to heal the world one person at a time and values clean beauty and optimal health.

The companies I partner with share my mission and values of what health and wellness is and how to achieve it and sustain it. Your health is the most sustainable thing on the planet if it is really what you want. So, I did all the research and hard work for you to bring you truly natural, organic, clean, and pure skincare and self-care products that will enhance your health and help keep you along your path of healing. I work with those who go more than the extra mile to give us safe and effective skincare, beauty, and self-care products that are free of harmful chemicals and fillers, free from synthetic ingredients, and use those same principles with their manufacturing practices. These products carry multiple certifications and verifications from various independent health and environmental agencies who create, maintain, and follow strict guidelines and complete transparency of ingredients, processing practices, and overall consumer safety standards that go beyond what our government agencies deem as safe.

So, the next time you rub on, soak in, inhale, spray, and apply that product, if it came from FLH Solutions, you can feel confident that you are using the safest and purest products out there and available to me. As my business grows, so will my products. Always staying true to my mission and my values. I would love for us to grow and heal together.

And as a way to get to know you and for you to get to know more about me, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram (@flhsolutions) and Facebook (FLH Solutions). My loyal customers can gain access to my Food Love Heal Facebook group where we can share stories of success, failures, challenges, and more. Plus, you will receive lots of great lifestyle tips and tools and some awesome recipes that will further enhance your journey to health. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Oh and if you have any issues navigating my site as I am still in the process of learning how to utilize all the design/navigation tools, I encourage you to let me know by emailing me at tina.wood@foodloveheal.com. I am accepting all comments and criticism as a way of making it a better experience for you. All I ask is that you be kind. 😊 thank you.


To learn more about the various health and environmental groups, please visit the following sites for more information.